Love You Really ft. Sima Nee

by TalentDisplay

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This is a song with a hip-hop and pop feel to it. "Love You Really" is going to be on TalentDisplay's upcoming project "Loyalty Is Everything". It's a love song to dedicate to your better half. Hope you enjoy it.


(Verse 1: TalentDisplay)

The best of the best you no one can outdo
Cannot see myself living life without you
The way you make me feel every time I come through
It’s unreal the fun I have when it’s us two
Just us two hope to make it plus two
Never have you given me a reason not to trust you
Constantly I lust you
Feigning for your body my craving I try but I always fail to subdue
When it rains it pours well you’re my roof
I’m blessed and I know it for a fact you’re the proof
Make you smile at any cost even being a goof
Jealous ones mad at how we love each other so they spoof
Thinking I’ll be fazed but I know they want the same
So why would I get mad? How could I complain?
Even one half as good as you would kill their pain
You’re priceless you’re worth more than money and fame

(Chorus: Sima Nee)
Love you for who you are… and for the way you see me
The actions that you take… they show you love me really
So when you say you love me… I know just what you mean
I love you just as much… our love feels like a dream

(Verse 2: TalentDisplay)
We go together like the moon and the stars
Type of joy we got hope they’ll have it like ours
One day… some day…
When they’ll stop hating like a nine to five worker hates a Monday
Till then and passed it I’m praying saying thanks so much
Cause the one above blessed me with a girl so clutch
Loving me for real no bluff
And finding that these days I know that’s so tough
Still wondering why. But I’m scared to ask him
Don’t want to jinx what we got hope it’s everlasting
Same with the sounds I’m hearing when you’re laughing
My one and only pick I see no reason for more drafting
Cause this time I know for sure I got it right
You’re the one the perfect type the one I love the one I like
To never stop loving, kissing and hugging whom to I keep running
Love is blind cause you’re stunning



(Verse 3: TalentDisplay)
Every time we’re together… time starts moving so fast
I hate how it always happens wanting it to last
A lot longer… at least a little bit more
Cause when you leave you’re the only one I’m waiting for
Sorry I’m impatient and I’m anxious
Want you shining bright like the lights out in Las Vegas
Never give you up for no one rich or famous
Hope our love is contagious just as much as its greatness


released April 17, 2015
Written by: Shalom "TalentDisplay" Samya.
Performed by: Shalom "TalentDisplay" Samya, Sima "Sima Nee" Naim.
Produced ny: Maskarade Beats
Recorded/Mixed by: Heath Ripplinger



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TalentDisplay Los Angeles

Versatile Los Angeles rapper TalentDisplay has a unique approach to hip hop that incorporates the influence of his home town of Brooklyn with the fresh sounds of his current west coast surroundings.

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